Two weeks are over!

Two weeks are over! I have spent most of this week being very boring, sleeping a lot and generally being very ill. I don't think it was flu but was definitely a bad cold. I caught it from the kids. Rotten kids. And for some reason I had to look after them during the day because they were off sick. I don't understand the rules here at all. On Friday afternoon I was told that I was babysitting on Saturday, which felt really unfair. I was super ill and tired and ended up shouting at the three kids loads, especially the youngest, William. He wouldn't take his medicine and I was wrestling with him for 15 minutes before I gave up. I was nearly crying. Ridiculous. As soon as they were all asleep I went to bed, then the next day Peggy was complaining about me having not done the washing up after the kids had their dinner. I'm still too ill and new to argue or really stick up for myself.

But enough complaining! There is good news! I found an "au pairs in Paris" group on facebook and there are tons of people in my area looking to hang out, and everyone is in the same situation so everyone is awkwardly saying "oh I'm lonely I need friends!" It's sorta awesome. Yesterday morning I met up with a girl called Malia, and we walked in the forest and chatted away and she only lives round the corner. I thought we got on, but I can never tell if people like me or if they're just being polite! She asked if I fancied going to an Irish bar in
St Germain for a music quiz and even though I was tired & still feeling rough, I agreed. We got to the pub, had a couple of drinks, did badly in the quiz (21 out of 40!), and chatted away. I'm astonished by how much we have in common. A shared love of Jon Stewart can go a long way!
This weekend Darkteaser, Khandie Khisses and maybe my chum from uni Jonathan will be visiting Paris. I'm trying to work out how to get to the Paris Burlesque Festival, but there's no real timetable on the website, and it doesn't mention tickets (other than prices) anywhere. Should be a nice change of pace though! I'll be putting on a dress and heels and some make up and meeting Darkteaser at the airport! Who knows, maybe through hanging with these two at the Paris Burlesque Festival I might meet some local burlesquers and do a bit of photography at events or portraits.

I'm toying with the idea of a project about au pairs, or about families with au pairs. But as much as I like people, I know that around here there are so many languages and I'd struggle to explain idea to people! I just think it would be an awesome thing to document. Especially seeing as there is the big international school nearby.

My first week in France.

     My first week in France is over. I arrived last Saturday afternoon via Eurostar, you really don't get a lot of leg room on those things. I ended up sat next to a young French man, but he didn't speak to me, he just invaded my personal space by spreading his legs and arms out to where I was supposed to be sat. Charmed I'm sure. He was nice to look at though.
     I honestly thought that coming here would be difficult. I'm not saying that the work is easy, it turns out that I don't really like kids that much, and these kids aren't really very nice. I met up with an American au pair on Friday and she asked how I was getting along and I paused and took a deep breath and she said "it's okay, I've babysat for them, they're terrors!" So that was a nice relief. I just thought I was rubbish at telling them off. I think the kids are just spoilt, but it's nobody's fault, it's just how the family is set up. The dad is hardly here because he's working to provide for his family, so the mom has to spend all her time with 3 kids, which is crazy stressful. To help her look after them, they
have loads of toys to keep the kids busy, but they're basically over-saturated. The eldest, Emma, doesn't seem to have any imagination, which is not something I can relate to. The two boys you can put something pirate themed in front of them and they'll play, or put them in front of the TV and they're hypnotised; but Emma needs constant fussing. She wants to play X, then when you set that up she's already complaining about wanting to play something different. I can hardly believe she's only 5, she acts like a little teenager, but without the desire for privacy. Yesterday she called me upstairs (on my "day off") and she was sat on the toilet and saying "I think I have had the dia... di-reeeeah". Thanks for sharing. I went and got her dad who was home and putting up shelves. I'm avoiding wiping up poo when I'm supposed to be working,
so I'm certainly not going to jump at the chance when I'm not even getting paid. Why didn't anybody warn me about how gross children are? I thought that once they'd got to the point where they were in school, and not in nappies, that they wouldn't be so gross! Instead the boys have to call out whenever they do "kaka" so that some lucky fool can clean up!
     Enough about the smelly, gross children. Being here is nice, though it will be better when I have met a couple of people who know where the buses go from. Once I've got my head around the buses to St Germain then I'll be able to get in to the centre of Paris in about 35 minutes. Until then I'm kinda stuck because I have to be home at specific times to help and it's far too early to be missing work because I'm off having fun. Although saying that I did miss my first day of work to meet up with Sabine in Paris. That was so lovely because I haven't seen her all summer and I wouldn't get to see her until November otherwise. Plus it gave me the motivation to get out of the town. A brilliant start to my trip.

weekend in Ely

still no sign of my sexy burlesque video, so I'm just ignoring that for a while. meanwhile there's a great video of me being destructive from the weekend.

it was top notch fun! lots of lovely people, a lovely garden, and plenty of amusing shenanigans.