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snowy trampoline
xmas tree

Sooooo... Yesterday I helped Peggy set up the Christmas decorations. On a Sunday. Because I could NOT get a moment's peace. Also, don't be fooled, Emma didn't help, she tried to do one but couldn't, threw a strop then wandered off.
I thought that the run up to Christmas with young kids would be all awesome and magical, but it's not! It's just really annoying. And I've not had a day off because of it! The 'reason' I wasn't paid extra during the holiday of hell was supposedly that I was working much less than 35 hours a week in general, and therefore it all evened out. I'm close to calling SHENANIGANS. I'm worried I'm going to lose my temper and quit! It's scary. I want to tell her what I think is best for her and her kids, but I don't think she'd listen. I think she should at least get a part-time job and a full time (strict!) nanny. When she's had proper time away from the kids then she's really good with them, but now even though she doesn't have to look after them all the time, she never gets away and never gets any mental space. Can't even begin to think about how I would explain that to her. I just think it would be better for everyone. Apart from me, but who the hell am I anyway?
Tags: the fear

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