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Diary entry for 27/10/10

How can it only be wednesday? Last night I was despairing and full of woe. Today I am just sad and tired. I am absolutely isolated. Although I like time alone, I am not alone here. I have no one to talk to. The children are... the children. Peggy is my employer & although I complain about her a lot, I do like her. The trouble is we are stuck in this awkward relationship, or employee/employer & making friends when you start there is not easy. Eric is find to chat with but he's here to spend time with his family.
There was a phrase on an aupair website that is sticking in my mind: "aupairs are often seen as the Cinderellas of the care profession". At home this isn't a problem, but here, the phrase just pops in my head all the time. When the kids are up, I'm up. They are all on & off the phone all day but I asked to use the phone and they didn't say no but the answer was definitely no. Also the showers I take are too long. I would be grateful of an hour out of the house alone, but not in town because I might cry again.

It is barely 10am. I have played 5 diffrent games. Not 5 games, but 5 diffreent games. A weird version of dominoes, "pirate", Mr Men/Little miss game, beta-waf (a game about the height of dogs... WUT) and "le chocon-dit". Kill me now. All I want is a cup of tea unninterupted, or a quiet stroll in the freezing cold ALONE. I suggested I might go for a wander this morning but this was poo-poed because Peggy has to help Eric do... something.

Meanwhile I think I have managed to avoid mentioning two things. Number 1, there is snow. Not here, but if we drive round the corner you can see snow. SNOW. Number 2, turns out there's no sereage system in this house. There is a pipe out of the house that goes out of the house, about a meter away from the back door, about 10 inches underground. That pipe ends there. All the sewerage just goes out in to the back garden. For reals.  Yesterday some men with a JCB came to the house and dug a biog hole behind the house,and guess what, then dug in to the poo pipe. The apparently had to so that they could put more pipes on to the poo pipe. Meanwhile there is just a poo hole out back. Anyway Peggy was asked by the workmen to flush the toilet upstairs a couple of times and joy of joys a load of poo came out of the pipe in to the pile. The workmen said in French "ooh that's a fresh one! haha!" Now every time anyone goes to the toilet, it comes out of that broken pipe in to the hole by the back door. I cannot put in to words how I feel about this. Other than that it' snot fucking funny any more. The electricity cutting out every time you switch on a heater without checking what else is on. There never being any hot water when I want to wash, and the toilet situation is the shit cherry on the shit sundae. At least it's sunny now. Minus1 degrees today. Lush. There is not enough tea in the world to cheer me up now. I'd go for some chocolate but I'm worried about getting an upset stomach.
Tags: holiday from hell, shit sandwich

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