topupthetea (topupthetea) wrote,

Diary entry for 26/10/2010

More powercuts. For longer. More pate. More shit rhymes.More cold miserable weather.
For the first time since I came to France, I cried. I went to my room, closed the door, buried my face in to my pillow, and cried thinking "I want to go home". Which home I meant, I'm not sure. At least in Fourqueux I have internet, phones, I can go for a walk, or get in to the city. I am in this house all day, unless we all go somewhere. If I opt to stay at home when Peggy goes somewhere then the kids stay, then they constantly ask me to play with them or when their mother is returning. If I don't play with them immidiately, then they run to their mother and tell her that I won't play with them. She will then come in the room and say "is there any reason why you're not playing with the kids? were they naughty?" The reason is that I don't want to, and I don't have to. They play better when I don't join in. Plus there is really no reason why I would have to play with them constantly. They need to be able to play unsupervised. Also I'm going mad and I've barely slept since I got here. WAH.

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