topupthetea (topupthetea) wrote,

Diary entry for 25/10/2010

Day three in the ruins. It's another rotten, cold, wet, miserable day. It's almost 10am and we still have all the lights on. Due to the terrible weather it looks like we'll be spending another day in the house, though I can nnever be sure. Peggy could come down at any minute and announce that we were going somewhere. I asked yesterday if we had anything planned and she got cross! Whatever. I'm regressing to teenager-like gruminess. Only this time I have boobs and books.

There was a powercut. This wouldn't be so bad but there's a bloke coming over to clean the chimney tomorrow, so the fire has been out since 4pm. For almost half an hour I was despairing. Hugely. Also I'm going to have to ban the phrase "Kate... can we play a game?" because it's driving me crazy. The kids even play better together than when I join in. Also I brought quite a bit of work to get on with and am not getting a moment to myself to get on with it. Still no idea what my duties are here. Feel like it's a bit late to ask now.
Tags: dieulefit, france, holiday from hell, ruins

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