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Diary entry for 24/10/2010

Well it's not a shack, it more like ruins. It's a massive place. They're making it in to 4 houses, so that might give you some indication of size. It is very cold and wet. I sleep downstairs. If you turn on more than a couple of things at once then the electricity stops. All the heaters have to be turned off to be able to put on the stove. Seriously ridiculous.  Equally ridiculous is when the hell am I working?! I'm being told nothing about what is going on (because nothing's organised) and seem to be "on duty" all the time.  For example, I was working yesterday (Saturday) and I'm deffo working today, but I have already been paid for this week and there was no extra cash for the extra work and lack of days off. Struggling to bring it up. Might try to wait until both Peggy & Eric are there because Eric is very laid back.
Yesterday was interesting. When we finally arrived at the house it was very cold and dirty. I had to clean the room I'm staying in, make my bed and then do the same in the kid's room. I'm not even supposed to work weekends. Even if I got "time off" here, we're miles from a town (20mins in the car), and I don't know my way anywhere. Also the weather is bloody awful.
 I digress; last night. We arrive. There's no food in the house, then at 8pm Peggy remembers what day it is and realises that nowhere will be open tomorrow (Sunday) because we're in the middle of fucking nowhere. So we have no food for today or tomorrow. Nobody's laughing at my emergency pot noodles now, eh? (apart from you have to turn the heaters & hot water off to boil water for it but whatever). Another life saver was my hot water bottle. Oh my goodness that was a good call. I very nearly didn't bring it, but without it I would have been far too cold to sleep last night.
So the kids went to bed after 9pm, then I heated up some water in a pan for my hot water bottle, and climbed straight in to bed. After the 6am rise on Saturday, I was ready for a lie in on Sunday. Unfortunately, Emma woke up at 6:20am, immediately got up, stomped around a lot and dropped things on the floor a lot. It's relevant to point out now that the kids bedroom is directly above where I sleep, and there is only a single layer of floorboard upstairs. Eric chuckled and said "heh, yeah, I need to get that sorted." If makes every movement and noise upstairs BOOM downstairs. Also: DANGER. So that was another early morning for me. Later we went to the supermarche and chose a few bits that I'd need (having underestimated the level of cold discomfort): slippers, more gloves, postcards, chocolate. I should mention now that the French are obsessed with slippers. Every house I go to it's like "hey didn't you remember to bring your slippers?" WHAT NO?! WHAT?!?
In the past 24hours 3 things have broken. 4 if you include my spirit. My new jogging bottoms ripped when I climbed in to the boot of the car at 7:30am. My backpack broke when it was sat in the back of the car full of books etc. Then as I climbed out of the car after 5 hours in a fucking boot, I felt a toe poke through my sock. ANOTHER pair of socks ruined. BAH. My spirits might only survive if I only know what the hell was going on and what was planned. Also extra money for the extra hours would be nice. I wish I didn't hate talking about money so much, it's not helpful in this kind of situation.
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