topupthetea (topupthetea) wrote,

Bonne Vacance?

Just going to copy out the diary I have kept while I have been away on "holiday". I'll only post a day at a time. I'll apologise in advance for the immense level of grumbling.

Today is the first day of the first school holidays. We have been in the car since 7:30am. Where we're going, there's no internet, which it why I'm keeping a diary. It took us 5 hours to get to Leon. We saw a lorry from Sheffield and we all cheered. I tried to sleep mostly. Leon looks pretty awesome, but I have had no sleep and I am crammed in the boot of a car. We've just visited Peggy's mum and dropped off William for the week! YAY! Peggy's mum seems nice but she talks really fast and used complicated French without realising. We had lunch at the Grandma's house. When we got there some snacks had been laid out... Froi gras... For reals... Crazy posh shit going down here. William broke a lamp within about 10 minutes of us arriving at this posh flat. Good luck for the rest of the week grandma. Now we're back in the car and heading to... ermmm.. the shack. 2 hours until we should get there. Wherever that is.
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