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A month in Paris.

  Yes. A month! A whole flippin' month! I don't know where last week went, I meant to update every week and it's not like I've been overwhelmingly busy... I digress... A MONTH! I've been here for a month, and I met up with Jonathan Holmes on Monday and it was lovely to see him (he's spent all summer working in France which is cool) and we were talking about the passage of time (because we're old and that's what you do). I was trying to explain about how long it felt like I had been here. Half of me feels like I've been here forever, but the other half is reminding me that it feels like no time at all. I'm here, I'm working, I'm busy, I've made friends, it's all great. I'm fairly settled and that's where the feeling of having been here forever is from. This is how things are and this is how things have been for a while. You absolutely get used to it. But there is the flip side, when I get a bus and on to the RER A and I remember that I'm in Paris and I really should stop trying to save all my money and really get out a bit more! I love going out and wandering but I get such an appetite and food in the centre of Paris is expensive, and there's mostly no food in the house for me. 

  Anyway, having not posted last weekend (I remembered why) it means that I have not mentioned on here that I went to Paris Burlesque Festival. A couple of the fab girls that I know from the UK Burly scene (Darkteaser & Khandie Khisses) were in Paris to perform and I tagged along (ie I got in free) and partied as hard as I could (not very hard). There were a lot of veeeery lovely boobies people! It was great but due to roadworks it took me well over 2 hours to get to the venue, and within an hour of being there I had missed my last train home. It was gone 3am when I decided I'd had enough and need to at least try to get home. Darkteaser, Starla Haze, Philly Cara Mel and I left the venue and hobbled down the street to find the taxi rank. We all stood at the taxi rank for an hour. Maybe 4 taxis stopped in that hour, each asking where we were going & then either driving off or saying "no I'm going to Gare du Nord" then driving off. What a joke. Paris transport at night: you suck. We eventually managed to get a taxi to Starla's (in the 3rd) and I laid awake for a couple of hours before remembering that I had been asked to get back to Fourqueux by 11am to work. I crawled to the metro & got on the RER A. Then on the bus. Then walked home from the bus. By the time I got home I was BUZZING. I was also half an hour late. I feel bad for ruining the mom & dad's cinema date, but I was only told the day before, and it was my first proper night out in Paris. My feet hurt for the rest of the week.
  Also I finished 1984. I love it. At the back of the book there is an appendix thing to explain newspeak and I really want to give that a try. However I probably wont because I've really gotta try and get on with my TEFL course. It's got to the horrid part where I need to be able to talk confidently about grammar. I can use grammar, but I cannot say "this is this" or anything. It's all just a jumble in my mind.

  OH, and I totally wont be updating for a couple of weeks, because next weekend is the beginning of the school holidays and we're all going away to a shitty cabin on a mountainside in the arse end of nowhere. I would be excited, but (a) I'll be working, (b)there's no internet, (c) THERE'S NO INTERNET, (d) I'm MISSING FUCKING HALLOWEEN, (e) I only have one book left to read, (f) I will not be able to hang with Malia, (g) no tutoring session with Clarice, (h) I'm not getting paid extra for all this extra bullshit. I'm not even sure when I'm getting back. I might not be back in time to celebrate/enjoy Day of the Dead. And anyone here who speaks English is American and explaining Bonfire night makes me sound like a pyromaniac.

  Also I thought I'd mention here (because it's a long post and very few people will have read through to the end), that I feel like a bit of a mentalist. On one hand I have met awesome people, and being here is AWESOME. Paris is amazing and it's wonderful just to have been here a whole month. And for all that I am SO HAPPY. But on the other hand, I really miss some people. Hanging out in Sheffield with the best people, and hanging out in Bourne with my oldest friends. Thinking about them makes me sad, but the longer I avoid it then the worse I feel when I eventually do.  Also I have no idea what to write in letters or on postcards. Also children are gross and annoying, so the job isn't the easiest or most fun thing ever. In summary, I am VERY HAPPY but also VERY SAD. At the same time. Which is why I feel MENTAL.
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